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Thread: Hackers

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    It appears that HACKING is becoming more prevalent in BF1. Last Sunday there appeared to be several on the server that we were on. Later that day I was back on a different server and I saw at least four (4) occasions that hackers were reported.
    Here are two (2) ways that I know of.

    1 While in game right click on the player you think is hacking and report them. Or go here for instructions. -
    2 Go here - I think this is for websites only.
    There are probably other ways to do this. If you are aware of other ways please post here.

    OH the reason I saw these is because I use Overwolf - I like to see who is speaking in TS while playing but it can also display discussions.
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    Yes it's kind of annoying. You have all these utter noobs killing you from across the map etc.



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