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    Question Post your interest - BFV or WW3 Tour??

    Hi all,

    Please post your name here if you are interested in playing in an organised Tour of BFV or WW3 (if the games are any good when released of course).

    We need to know who would play as players and also if anyone is interested in assisting to be UN / run things.

    Stay active on Forums and lets try to get something organised.

    See you all on the Field

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    7th Guards Airborne Shonei's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Tomato Capital of Canada

    Just been waiting for something decent to come along! Count me in!!

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    And please drop this forum and push everybody to discord.
    Much more easier.

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    Loading the demo now. Stuck on installing multiplayer 0% so not a great start. UI looks pretty nifty.

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    Played a few rounds. I still suck but I'm in...

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    1st Recon Battalion TormDK's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Right behind you, with my knife drawn!
    Could be tempted :)

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    I could be down I am enjoying BFV so far

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    Played me some BFV. There are things they need to smooth out, but I am really enjoying it and can't wait to play in another tour. Count me in for a tour.

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    I too, am ready to die some more.



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