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Thread: Battlefield V

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    We're less than 2 months away from release.
    The alpha 2 was good but the shorter TTK in alpha 1 was probably better.

    Looking forward to the open beta. We should try to make some event around that one.

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    Only played this alpha. Enjoyed it and liked TTK and the game in general. Few kinks / flaws which they will obviously solve. Looking for add to playing more.

    I’m waiting for fatty to update the forums so we can IM all members see whose interested (if any)

    We then need to look at donations etc to keep this up and get it rolling.

    All depends on final gameplay on release but I think people will enjoy (despite mixed reviews online)

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    BFV company You Tube video. Will this make a difference, who knows? HERE

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    It's shaping up well, the open beta releases September 4 if you pre-ordered and otherwise September 6th.

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    It'sa me, Mario TormDK.

    Preordered, didn't get to play any of the alphas yet (Much to my regret). But will be ready to blow **** up and take names in Open beta, and when the Origin Access people get access.

    I am a bit sad to hear about the smaller squad size, but I am hoping for an otherwise solid Battlefield experience as BF1 didn't strike true for me.

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    Right behind you, with my knife drawn!
    I managed to get a few rounds in tonight, these are my thoughts;

    STRIX 1080Ti
    1TB Nvme drive
    Running at 1440p

    1; Feel slower than previous Battlefield games
    2; Not having maxed out on Ammo at spawn is a good thing to me. It gives incentive to squad up.
    3; The sound quality is top notch
    4; The visual experience pushes the bar on what you can do in a shooter. Well done DICE!
    5; Tanks have limited ammo again! AND resupply points can be blown up! Resupply denial is a valid tactic!

    1; Just FOUR guys in a squad? BEEP! WRONG ANSWER! - Please put this back to six where it belongs. All it takes now is one guy doing his own thing to ruin the squad experience for the rest.
    2; A BIG No thank you! to animations when exiting tanks. There's way way too much rag-doll clipping for it to happen.
    3; Rotterdam the map feels too small. There's way too much SURPRISE BUTT .... spawn killing when defenders spawn in on top of attackers.
    4; Weapon selection feels way too limited. I hope this is improved when we can select sub-classes.

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    I have run a few rounds too yesterday, its looking good in my opinion. I posted a new post up to sign in for player / UN interest in a BFV tour (or WW3). We wan to try and get traffic coming through again for game release.

    Im not as constructive.

    Loved it. Few bufs needed here and there.

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    Played the Alpha. really enjoyed it. there are some weapon and other glitchy things but the mop up post alpha discussed addressing everything I had a heart ache over. Looking forward to November.



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