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Thread: Battlefield V

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    Battlefield V

    It has been a while and I have missed playing with an organized army. BF V was just announced and I am so excited about it I have already pre-purchased it. However, it looks like a game that is goign to require tight squads and teams. Working with the various classes and support of your team mates is required to win. The new features and resulting complexity creates a game that is so far removed from the run and gun of Call of Duty that it could almost be classified as a RPG or Strategy game. It sounds to me like an environment within which Dark Star can thrive.

    If anyone is interested in forming up squads and teams for BF V, I am in.

    The trailer here is amazing. Jack frags preview of the changes to the game is absolutely mind blowing.


    Jack Frags preview

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    Weponsmith you read my mind. I preordered too. Also spoke to Lucutus and dependant on the game itself we can start to get things lined up in advance. I will try to speak to admins about recruiting and seeing if we can get interest up.

    Also World War 3 is out this year, may be an option too if BFV is no good.

    Im in and happy to command, squad lead, be grunt (or admin if needed intermittantly).

    To add to this - I just read your post as no acrtion in forums. We need to get admins to Pm everyone to get them back in forums and discuss.. Ill see what can be done.

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    Preordered. Let's get this show on the road!

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    Preordered. I am ready for a new tour :)

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    Whoo Hoo!! I'm ready.

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    Closed Alpha details and specs here

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    Is there anything about Commander mode in the Alpha?

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    I haven't seen anything about Commander mode.

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    Anyone else get access to BFV Alpha preload today? Gameplay starts tomorrow for limited time if you did (go check).

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