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    BF1 / BF4 pub session today starting around 5pm UK time. Get on DsG TS and lets do this. Will be on for approx 5 hours

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    We had an excellent turnout last Sunday. Had enough people show up to have two (2) full squads. That was fine except we could not all play on the same side. It really hurts when you are killed by a buddy. Damn you Techx and the rest of you SOB’s that killed me. That is until about 4:30 pm then my squad all left me to face the squad on the other side alone – I died so many times in the next 10 or 15 minutes I just quit counting and most of them by our squad on the other side – Did you guys have some way to find and kill me repeatedly ?????

    Does anyone know how we could all play on the same side in the future???

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    BF1/BF4 pub session today from 5pm uk time until around 10pm. Letís get a few squads up and have a nice pre holidays session all...

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