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    Cool Battlefield Bad Company 2 invitation

    I play bfbc2 from time to time.

    You are invited to join me in the play.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    You can leave me a message on dsg.

    You can join the discord I've set up for it. We can use teamspeak if you prefer. However, I use discord by default with the players I've managed to find so far.
    My in-game name is 'LOST-TALE' Wealth Generators VS Wealth Plunderers

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    1st Recon Battalion KenBF3's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Watonga, OK
    I'll play

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    I tried playing ages ago but the server browser didn't work or it required some weird login that didn't work. I loved that game.

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    Should work

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    Update - Just tesed and does work. I have you asa friend int here and there are active servers too. "AtroPunk"

    Im on Sundays from 5pm to 10pm everyweek you noob. Get on there and **** the missus off if your allowed :)



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