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    BF1 Tour - Interested - PLEASE REPLY IF SO?


    If you are interested in a BF1 tour of some sort then please reply to this post and register your interest. Now we have password protection and platoon ability we are hoping we can make this work.

    Please also join the BF1 platoon as well to show interest - detail HERE

    We still need to talk to admins about server rental and TS, but hope to do this soon. If we can work out numbers again after this long downtime we can get donations to make this all work.

    Lets do this people. Sign up, tell your friends and lets see what numbers we can get....

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    I have not played BF 1 for several months, but if there is a tour I'll start playing and join up for sure.

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    I'm in!

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    Oh ya baby. I'm there...

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    Count me in

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    Maybe. Does this mean we will get our medals from last tour? :pun intended:



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