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Thread: Forum hacked

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    Exclamation Forum hacked


    I got an email this morning from informing me that my email has been subject to a leak (once again...)

    The hack seems to have been a targeted strike against vBulletin forums among which is this one. I would suggest action be taken and users informed about the leak.

    News articles:

    List of forums hacked:


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    I use Gmail - yesterday I received notice that someone in Germany was trying to use my password - is this related ???

    Now another one from Vietnam
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    Ok think it's time to shut these forums down

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    Thanks for letting us know Leshrack. Looks like the breach only targeted a few hundred vbulletin sites still using out-of-date security patches.

    Probably a good idea to send an email blast out to all members to give them the low-down about this?

    On the bright side a bunch of the accounts are bots so joke's on them!

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    I just got the message today too. Two Factor and LastPass enabled so I am not too bothered.

    Lastpass has screwed too.

    Firefox hole is still not patched. Chrome is fine now.
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    I heard about this from another not so active member too. Change passwords maybe?

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    Not active? Who? Name and shame.



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