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    DSG BF2 Mod Updater

    The DSG BF2 Mod Updater is ready for everyone!

    Here's the instructions - pretty easy:

    1. Download the mod update zip from here:
    2. Create a folder where you want the updater to reside.
    3. Extract the contents of the zip to that folder.
    4. Since this updates the mod directory which is usually within the BF2 folder under Program Files, the application either needs to be run as Administrator or make sure to grant yourself write access to the mods folder
    5. Launch the DSG_BF2_Mod_Updater executable
    6. When it launches, it will attempt to find your BF2 mods folder. Assuming it finds it, you'll see your mod path.
    7. When ready, click the "Update DSG BF2 Mod" Button, and it will sync your mods\dsg folder with what we have on the FTP server.

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    Grab the latest version (v1.0.0.1) of the mod updater! Link in main post refreshed as well, but here's the link to the new file:

    1. Failed files retry: The updater can now retry failed files. This means if any file fails downloading from the FTP server, the updater will continue with the other files and then come back to the failed file(s). By default it will retry 10 times any failed files. The issues a few people had last week with the FTP server timing out should be corrected with this fix.
    2. Self-Updating: When launched, the updater now checks the FTP server to see if there is a newer version of the updater. If it finds an update, it automatically downloads the update and relaunches itself. That means no more having to download these zip updates.
    3. Improved Speed: I've improved the speed slightly. Not enough to make a difference if there is a large download, but smaller checks should be faster.

    To keep everyone on the latest, the old version will stop working when Zabes makes an FTP update, so grab this one for sure.

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    Updated the Mod Updater this morning to version (v1.0.0.2). If you are running version from Saturday (the post above), it will self update to this new version!


    1. Sync on separate thread: The older versions of the updater ran on the same thread as the form application. That made it appear it was locked up if something in the sync like retrieving the FTP file list took some time. Since it's now on a separate thread, the application will not appear hung or locked up (even though it never was).
    2. Clearer Sync Message: Just tweaked the message shown while syncing. At times during the sync, the transfer may appear to have paused while the application waits for an FTP response. Now the message just makes it clear to the user that this can happen as a normal part of the update and to just be patient as the file copy will resume.
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    DSG BF2 Mod Updater

    Make sure no of your mod file attributes are read only. I had a couple for some reason and the updater kept ending early. Once I changed the attributes to read / write on the mod files it worked great. thanks for the great tool.

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    sad that BF2 didn't make the comeback.

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    Agreed. I actually enjoyed playing again for a bit. Downlaoder and BF2 thing dont seem to work now :(



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