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    Nice. What monitor? gsync?

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    Because if you do not have gsync then you never want to dip below 60fps. Turn everything down to medium with AA off and see what you run for a map or two.

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    My monitor is about five year-old, so no gsync I guess... It does run at 120Hz though. What is the "best" thing to sacrifice in order to get better FPS while retaining as much pretty stuff as possible? texture? AO? Something else?

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    I run everything at medium with AA off. I use 780Ti. You can turn textureQ, MESH and terrain to med/hi and turn other things on low. Some people like turning effects med/hi as well. It really depends on what your fps is and how the game looks to you. You never want below 60 fps though, ever. I rarely dip below 100 with everything exploding around me. The trick is to turn the details that matter, up and turn the worthless eye candy and shadows, down.

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    My personal settings to allow me to see better when I'm flying, better to attack ground targets, also when I'm on the ground to see enemies further out.

    Quality: Custom
    Texture Quality: High
    Texture Filtering: Ultra
    Lighting Quality: Low
    Effects Quality: Low
    Post Process Quality: Low
    Mesh Quality: Ultra
    Terrain Quality: Ultra
    Terrain Decoration: Low
    AA Deferred Off
    AA Post: High
    Ambient Occlusion: Off

    Some other ones that you can choose yourself...personal preference.

    FOV: 74 [90 Hor+]
    Vehicle FOV: 74 [90 Hor+]
    FOV Scalling in ADS: Off
    Motion Blur: 0%
    Weapon DOF: Off
    Brightness: I tend to keep around 65%
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    Thanks for your input! Will play a bit with different settings, but to be honest the difference with the 580 is fairly brutal, so anything looks gorgeous and smooth to me right now :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemming_Grumpy View Post
    anything looks gorgeous and smooth to me right now :)
    Will this card work for my missus too!!

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    Thank you for share :D



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