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Thread: Twitch stream!

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    Twitch stream!

    hey! I now stream to twitch. I'd appreciate it if you'd show some support by going to this link and clicking the follow bottom at the bottom left. Thanks!

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    Very cool! Are you going to stream battle days?

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    probably not as I dont want any interference on a match day :)

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    You may stream battle only if there is a time delay. We admins will have to determine what the appropriate delay would be

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    3 minutes was used elsewhere without issue.

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    Also, Make sure you're not streaming your TS. Even with a 3 minute delay, you can pick up strats and such.

    Might want to check with a general before streaming if you ever decide to.

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    I am okay with a 3 minutes delay, but I agree with making sure teamspeak is not being streamed

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    Good point. No Channel Commander or strat talk! lol

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    I know this is an old post, but Firebain who has played in the tour before is currently doing a 24 hours stream playing a few different games. Follow him please!



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