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    Interest in a casual 10v10 tournament?

    Colossus from Symthic is organizing a little 10v10 tournament for the week of the 24th. He reached out to me to see if anyone from DSG would be interested in participating. I'm pretty sure there are two different tiers and we would be playing against other people with no competitive experience aside from 32v32. So if you've never played in 5v5s or 10v10s and would like to play a little tournament for fun leave a comment letting me know you would be willing to play. Which day we play would be up to us and if there aren't enough people to make up a 10 person team he has another smaller group of guys that he could put with us.

    For more info:

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    Sure, if we get enough to make a team.

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    Voluntarily sign up to be a punching bag for SYM? OK. You mentioned it before and I'd be interested. Haven't read the details yet as I'm about to call it a night after fighting with my computer for a while. Luckily I am victorious and back to SLI enabled on the latest video driver.

    edit..Looks like some tough teams in Tier II but I'm still in.
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    Interested if the times are euro friendly

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    I am definitely down as long as it is not on the weekend

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    I am also interested but not the weekend and depend at what EU time it is
    The other negative point is the server location, not sure if I have already played on an SA server and I have a bad ping on server, other than east coast location server "NA server", it can go up to 240 !
    So if you can have the 10 players, I can "will" step down, if you are low on ppl then I can give it a try if you are ok I join

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiphoppopotomus View Post
    Voluntarily sign up to be a punching bag for SYM? OK.
    SYM won't be in your tier so you won't play them ;)

    Current list of teams w/ tiers.

    If you guys have any questions about strats/tactics/other stuff I'd be happy to help! (I am currently playing for Here 4 Beer)

    Battlefield Tournament History
    BF3T8: SAF|Maj.Kilo
    BF4T1: SAF|1|Cpt.Kilo
    BF4T2: 5MD|5|Pvt.Kilo -> SAF|1|Sgt.Kilo
    BF4T3: SAF|5|SFC.Kilo
    BF4T4: 3MR|5|PFC.Kilo -> 3MR|6|SSgt.Kilo
    BF4T5: 3MR|6|SSgt.Kilo
    BF4T6: 7GA|6|MSgt.Kilo
    BF4T7: 7GA|5|Pvt.Kilo
    BF4T8: 7GA|5|2Lt.Kilo

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    I think i might be available. do they have times and everything setup yet? I saw his post on reddit but really no information there for times and all. Once i get some of that I can make a decision.

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    I'd be interested if timing is right, can only do certain evenings on weekdays

    p.s. why have I not been assigned yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAH_VENOM View Post

    p.s. why have I not been assigned yet?
    you're not the only one it will happen soon I suppose



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