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    Lightbulb BF4 Crashes Apr 12 NVIDIA 347.88 DirectX "GetDeviceRemovedReason" - Solved (hope)

    BF4 NVIDIA Users: It appears that the Mar 17 NVIDIA driver update has contributed to more BF4 NVIDIA DirectX crashing on my Win7 64-bit than I've ever seen the initial release of BF4.

    I back leveled my NVIDIA drivers and ran stable for a good couple of hours which I would say is success despite not finding much on The Google for a fix (many are down clocking their GPU; bleh). Error and driver links as follows -

    DirectX function "GetDeviceRemovedReason" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG ("The device is hung which is typically caused by issues in the graphics driver or alternatively the application"). GPU: "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680", Driver: 34788
    • Latest NVIDIA Win Driver 64-bit: Mar 17 347.88 (Crashes)
    • Back Leveled Driver Win 64-bit: Feb 10 347.52 (Seems to solve; I did w/Clean Uninstall)

    - Chance

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    I'm running the Latest NVIDIA drivers on a GTX 660 TI, I had no problem until yesterday. Played BF4 and BFH without crash like I had yesterday, it seems that was something with the sound which made my game and TS crashed
    I have updated my anti virus to the last version Saturday "Kaspersky" so I have finally desactivated it and it seems to be the reason of my crashes

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    My desktop is not hooked up right now so can't say which driver I'm running, but my crashes were pretty random and mainly after the last patch. I can usually play for hours without issue but some days I'd crash a number of times over the course of a few hours. I still blame the patch for the latest issues.

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    Gtx 780ti with recent patch, no crashes during the game but my oc'd rig does crash on startup sometimes... might be my cpu oc or my ssds going out. Regardless, I think they tend to test out their patches much less on "older" GPUs, which is pretty sad considering I know for a fact those gtx6 series cards were beast mode when they first arrived and they truly aren't that old... but hey companies like this have to force people to upgrade somehow... ugh, makes me sick.

    yippee ki-yay mother russia

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    NVIDIA Folk: I'm staying on the Feb 10 347.52 driver as I've been running clean since. Below is the newer one to accommodate GTAV, but I'm waiting until others who had DirectX silliness say below is OK -

    • GeForce Game Ready Driver for Grand Theft Auto V
    • Latest NVIDIA Win Driver 64-bit: Apr 13 350.12

    - Chance



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