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    Dayz Alpha is live on Steam

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    This came out last night and it was the hardest thing ever to keep my mind on finishing my final piece of course work.

    My girlfriend kindly gifted me a copy of the game though!

    Now my course work is complete, time for one final meal before I start DayZ SA...

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    yeah I'll wait for it to release. I got bored of the original to quickly to pay for it again Now (had to buy arma last time)
    Just for nostalgia. Using an old signature.

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    Mmmm these images are making me hungry! I think I need me some Cholesterol:

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    had to buy arma last time

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrduongonline1 View Post
    had to buy arma last time
    Arma 2 or Arma 3?

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    it is so good :) it is arma 2



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