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    Here's a load more from recent times :) mostly playing with fixed wing on Altis. Been working on our formation flying and CAS and a few dogfights for fun :D

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    What the planes like to fly, look great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsexton1975 View Post
    What the planes like to fly, look great!
    Fun! Well I like them anyway. Easy to get in the air and fly around but in dogfights it's critical to watch your airspeed and altitude. This ain't no battlefield 3! (But it's also not DCS)

    From the top of my head - Fire up steam, right click on your arma 3 in your library, go to properties, then beta and opt in to dev build and you'll get the new island and the jets, MBTs etc :)

    Full release is this thursday.

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    i need to get back into this, but everytime i see my Arma3 icon a wave of bordem floats over me :/

    Ill get the dev build on tonight n give some fixed wing flying a try, maybe thats my kinda thing



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