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Thread: Dayz land

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    Dayz land

    I found this server : DayZ Taviana [1.5.0/100296] by | Whitelist | 3P:on | CH:off | Tags:off
    Its a closed community.. no hackers.. I know a few of the guys playing htere so i will be staying at that server.. After loosing everything yesterday to a idiot hacker i wont play on pub servers anymore..
    Follow these instructions : to be able to join the server.. Hacker almost proof..

    And the mod is a lot better..

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    if it wasn't an EU server I'd be interested in doing some day z again. but the lag in aa has killed me far to many times when trying to use eu servers. things like missing a ladder and folling off the roof or missing a **** and getting caught by a zombie.

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    You dont get killed from falling down ladders etc anymore.. you get stunned.. .. but i can see the lag issue.. I always play on us servers but never have any problems..

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    I am just getting back into Day Z. Lots of patches seem to have improved things a lot.

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    Some day z taviana action

    Some action from day z taviana whitelist server.. We roll with a SUV

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    That was a pretty awesome crash at the end, quite cinematic haha

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    Hore for faen.. hore



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