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  • About Darkstar Gaming

    Dark Star is a gaming community run and owned by gamers - a place to engage in a competitive and structured combat environment or simply to play popular game titles with friends and piers.

    Alongside general game play we are also running a structured Battle Field 4 Tour of Duty, we have been running structured tournaments -tour of duty’s for over 7 years and would love to have you join us today!

    What is a "Tour of Duty" Style tournament?

    We currently run two armies that are structured into platoons and are governed by a military rank system - Each rank within an army has its own responsibilities and duties.
    Ranks and medals are achived though dedication and courage both on and off the battlefield.

    We have Battle days every Sunday from 17:00 (GMT) 12:00 (EST) to 24:00 (GMT) 19:00 (EST) and have 2 army’s battling it out on 3 maps a week – Conquest and Rush mode are run. Both Armies’ consist of a structured chain of command with infantry, air, and armour and specialty units all working together to achieve teamwork and win the rounds for their team.

    We have an East Coast server that works for both our US and Euro players and have a 200 man TS to accommodate all of our members which are currently around 300. Each army consist of 60 + members and all enjoy running in squads with their teammates each and every battle day.

    This is a Donation based tournament which means our members that help donate each month keep it running. You do not have to “pay to play” at Darkstar-Gaming.