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  • What is a Tour of Duty and how do I sign up?

    What is a Tour of Duty in Battlefield 1?

    A tour of duty is a large-scale virtual war fought between two organised armies that are structured in a similar way to the real military. Each army works together over a ten week period to defeat the opposing force using tactics and organisation on an army wide scale. Hierarchy is crucial to the experience, you join as a private and have the potential to work your way up to General of the army and help lead your men to victory. Do you have what it takes?

    Join us at DSG and experience the ultimate way to play BF1.

    • Fight a ten week battle on a 64 player server every Sunday against another equally organised force.
    • Prove your mettle and rise through the ranks to command a squad, platoon or even army.
    • Communicate with your squadmates over a 300 man Teamspeak sever equipped with individual channels for each army and their respective divisions.
    • Join a community of gamers who play a wide range of games, not just Battlefield


    • 300 man Teamspeak server
    • Official North American based battleserver running 24/7
    • Persistant awards (medal) system
    • Community forums
    • Always FREE


    Signing up for a Tour of Duty at Darkstar Gaming couldn’t be simpler.

    Step 1

    Firstly you will need a copy of Battlefield 1 with all the expansions.

    Step 2

    Register on our forums, please ensure your forum name is the same as the soldiers name you intend to use on your battlelog profile.

    Once you have registered, head to the forum subsection ‘Sign up now for Army Placement’ where you will find a thread titled ‘Sign up template‘. Follow the format of the example in the first post and fill in your details. Don’t worry about filling in too much detail, at this stage we simply use it to place you in one of the two armies, the 1RC (1st Recon Battalion) or the 7GA (7th Guards Airborne Battalion).

    Step 3

    Once you have been placed, hopefully in your army of choice, you will receive a private message via the forums from one of the Darkstar admins explaining the next steps. These steps include links to sign in to your armies forums. Each army has it’s own private section of the forums which the other army cannot see. This ensures tactics and information can be shared within the army privately. You will find these sections consist of a Main Mess Hall and various brigades or divisions (for instance the SAF 108th – 1st Batallion) sections. However your first port of call should be your armies New Recruits section. Here you will find a Sign In thread with examples of how to fill in your details. This step is crucial for your army to assign you to a division that suits your style of play. Like sitting behind the hull of a T90 all day? No problem, label your preferred assignment as mechanized. Prefer battling it out in the skies? Again, no problem, put air down instead.

    Step 4

    While you wait to be assigned to a platoon/brigade this is a good time to read the ROE (Rules of Engagement). You can find these rules here if you have registered with us. Most are fairly self explanatory but please take a note of these as you don’t want to be the one to cost your team points on battleday!

    Step 5

    At Darkstar Gaming we use Teamspeak 3 to communicate within your armies (as well as a place to hang out and play other games). Head to the official Teamspeak website and download Teamspeak 3. Once you have it installed it’s time to log on and say hi! The details you will need are as follows, it’s best to set them up as a bookmark (Guide available here) so you can return to our teamspeak easily.

    Address –
    Password – pepsimax

    Again, as with your forum name, please keep your Teamspeak name consistent with your battlelog soldiers name.

    Once you have been assigned a platoon/brigade and have your rank you should change your teamspeak ‘tags’ accordingly, this involves editing your nickname via the bookmarks menu in order to save it for next time. For the following example we will show the teamspeak ‘tags’ of a private in the 108th – 1st brigade of the SAF (Soviet Armed Forces) this should be displayed as SAF|1|Pvt.username

    Step 6

    By now you will have been assigned an army, a platoon/brigade to run with and have set up your teamspeak accordingly; now it’s time for battle.

    Battledays run from 16:00 (GMT) to 12:00 (GMT) every Sunday (except on Sundays that clash with popular events or worldwide holidays like Christmas, New Year or the superbowl. It’s best to keep an eye on the forum for notices regarding days such as these as things are subject to change and will be announced accordingly). You are not expected to play for the full eight hours of battleday, but of course you can if you want to! During the week before battleday one of your platoon/brigades high ranking officers will have posted a Roll Call in your respective forum section. Make sure you post your availablity so that Squad Leaders can make arrangements and get an idea of who they have to work with on battleday, then simply turn up on the day to fight.

    On battleday you will sign into teamspeak to find the armies in their platoon/brigades channels, you should head straight to your channel and make your Squad Leader or high ranking officer aware that you are present and ready to fight. If there is space on the server you will then be asked to join the sever and get into the according squad. If for whatever reason there is no one in your platoon/brigade channel then seek one of the high ranking officers from your army and seek their advice on where to go (you can see the rank of the players on teamspeak via their tags as covered in Step 5.

    That’s it soldier, enjoy your battleday! Don’t forget if you have any problems to get in touch with a member of the Darkstar Gaming Staff or a member of the UN (United Nations), they will be happy to help you. See you on the field!