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  • What is a Tour of Duty?

    What is a Tour of Duty in Battlefield 1?

    A tour of duty is a large-scale virtual war fought between two organised armies that are structured in a similar way to the real military. Each army works together over a ten week period to defeat the opposing force using tactics and organisation on an army wide scale. Hierarchy is crucial to the experience, you join as a private and have the potential to work your way up to General of the army and help lead your men to victory. Do you have what it takes?

    Join us at DSG and experience the ultimate way to play BF1.

    • Fight a ten week battle on a 64 player server every Sunday against another equally organised force.
    • Prove your mettle and rise through the ranks to command a squad, platoon or even army.
    • Communicate with your squadmates over a 300 man Teamspeak sever equipped with individual channels for each army and their respective divisions.
    • Join a community of gamers who play a wide range of games, not just Battlefield


    • 300 man Teamspeak server
    • Official North American based battleserver running 24/7
    • Persistant awards (medal) system
    • Community forums
    • Always FREE